Architecture That Stands The Test of Time

Rachel's Trip to Greece

Going to Greece was not only a fabulous opportunity for our family to reconnect with our roots, but it was also an incredible reminder of the architecture and science behind building a structure that truly stands the test of time. When people think of architecture, most only think of the math and science behind it, disregarding the final product. In Greece, the people not only appreciated it, but reveled in its importance. Greek architecture is known for its strength and beauty. Their buildings and styles stand the test of time: The originals still exist after thousands of years, and modern architects strive to emulate them. The influence of Greeks styles have become not only a staple, but also the basis of most modern day designs. It is because of their innovative techniques that have kept this kind of architecture alive today.

When we begin a new project we focus on how the final community will look and feel. For some, architecture is easy to take for granted. It's everywhere in our daily lives—sometimes elegant, other times shabby, but generally ubiquitous. How often do we stop to examine and contemplate its form and style? For most, when walking through a community you either get a good feeling, bad feeling, or are impartial. I believe it is the responsibility of everyone involved in the development of a new community to not just build homes or “subdivisions” but to truly build something unique. How we approach a new community is not only through the architecture, but street design, landscape design, colors, and art all orchestrated into the perfect symphony! We hope that the outcome of our hard work is realized in the end.

My travels through Greece not only inspired me but also reminded me of the strong roots we came from and the legacy we are building here in Sacramento!


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